Science and Technology Challenge Days are arranged across the UK for high achieving Year 8/9′s. Young people undertake practical STEM-related activities led by members of our team of students recruited from leading local universities. Young people also take part in a Q&A session with the students, finding out more about university life. In 2022, 99% of the teachers and 90% of the young people that attended our days, considered them to be ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

Below is a video and an outline of our typical activities:

Robot Challenge

Young people consider the importance of robotics and learn how to programme lego mindstorm robots. They initally enable the robot to move in different directions and then use the light / infrared sensor to respond to different colours.


E-FIT Challenge

A short sketch is acted out involving the theft of a mobile phone. Using the latest commercial E-FIT software, the young people generate an image of the thief. Finally the ‘thief’ returns so that their appearance can be compared with the young peoples’ images.


Electric Car Challenge

Using plastic kit pieces, young people design and then build a battery powered vehicle. At the end the vehicles are raced against each other. Young people are encouraged to investigate how design effects the speed and ‘power’ of their vehicle.



Young people undertake the role of a doctor investigating illnesses. To make their diagnoses they question the patient, test ‘urine’ samples and examine X-rays and brains scans. Finally the young people consider how the brain works, and how technology is being used to improve the lives of disabled people.